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Melbourne’s Sculpt Neon Signs eyes US & UK markets

Sculpt Neon Signs is launching in the United States and the United Kingdom, with customers able to choose a customized sign or select from an extensive online catalogue and shipping available worldwide. 

scult neon egs

120949412 112492050624257 6565326972249158154 oSculpt's custom neon signs allow for options in background and lighting colour, font style, size and measurements. Customised lighting can include script, logos, mottoes and symbols, which will portray the appearance that a company, organization or person wants to share with others.

The company’s clients include several well-known brands Lamborghini, Guerlain, Movember, Corsair, Neiman Marcus and Sephora.

“Sculpt is a one-stop-shop for neon signs,” says the Melbourne-based company. “With choices of colours and fonts, a sign can be designed to reflect the personality of the individual or company, The experienced personnel associated with the company will help the customer through every step of the process, from idea to finished product. Neon signage is not only for street use but can set the mood in a home or office. It can also provide a creative lighting solution. The finished sign can even be an inspirational message to lift the spirits and add direction to the day's activities. 

“The lights are flawlessly engineered with the utmost care to ensure quality, durability, and performance. The lights are energy-efficient and meet the highest standards for safety. They do not heat up and are entirely safe to use for an extended period. The company is committed to a better environment, and the lights are designed in an eco-friendly manner, with no harmful emissions.

Sculpt Neon is a well-established neon sign maker. We cater to a variety of needs - be it business, home, or any other private or professional events. Our products are created with a passion to exceed the customer expectations and we truly believe in making your spaces or events livelier with our neon signs.”