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Industry first: Scott Print achieves ISO colour matched across offset & digital

WA printer Scott Print has achieved an Australian/NZ-industry first by attaining Mellow Colour Proficient Printer certified for ISO 12647-2:2013 (including ISO 12647-8:2012) for all of its colour production, offset and digital.

ScottPrint John Doug Tim David
 (l-r) John Scott, Doug Henderson, Tim Scott and David Crowther with the ISO certifications

David Crowther, the ‘Colour Doctor’ of Colour Graphic Services, recently returned from Perth with the news. “The original certification was one year ago but of course any standard is only as good as the upkeep of it via auditing and I am delighted to say that Scott Print has passed its second audit with flying colours, no pun intended!” says Crowther.

“It is a significant achievement since both digital and offset/CtP output devices need to be maintained to ISO 12647 colour standard day-in, day-out. Not only this but Scott Print uses both digital liquid toner (HP Indigo) and dry toner (Xerox), and these lay down images in different ways. Add to that the CtP/Offset variance and controlling colour across eight devices is a challenge for the world’s best – and Scott Print certainly falls into this category.”

ScottPrint DaniloBernini
      Scott Print’s digital manager Danilo Bernini

 Scott Print’s production comprises:

1 x HP Indigo 5000 SRA3 digital colour press

1 x Fuji Xerox Iridesse SRA3 digital colour press

2 x Fuji Xerox Colour 1000i A3 digital printers

1 x Komori HUV GL840 B1 offset press

1 x Komori LS 629 B2+ offset press                

1 x Screen PlateRite 8900S CtP

Prinergy workflow and 2 x seats of Mellow Colour PrintSpec

Techkon SpectroDens Premium and SpectroPlate for measurement, Just Normlicht viewing

This combination now delivers ISO 12647-2:2013 latest colour standard matched to all colour output, digital or offset.

ScottPrint AdrianoPiccaluga
   Scott Print’s Prepress/Offset manager Adriano Piccaluga

 “I’d like to congratulate the colour management team headed by Doug Henderson and Adriano Piccaluga in Offset and Danilo Bernini in Digital, for their diligence and professionalism in learning and maintaining the ISO standard across all devices and, of course, the management of John and Tim Scott for their faith and perseverance in world-best practice of print colour management,” says Crowther.

ScottPrint BldgTruck

    Another shipment of ISO-standard print leaves Scott Print’s Perth plant