After one and half a year of intense development and the implementation of many suggestions from customers and concentrated beta-test period, the new, completely revised ErgoSoft RIP software v.2008 was launched at the beginning of March by Swiss company ErgoSoft. The new RIP  has been developed for applications such as fine art printing, sublimation, flag & banner, sign making, digital textile printing and much more.

The well known qualities of the ErgoSoft RIP software such as the intuitive user interface and usability have been enhanced and enlarged with new functions to continue to increase the productivity and flexibility of the ErgoSoft software.

With the integration of Multi Core CPU technology the RIP process has been accelerated. The time required to RIP the data on modern systems is half as long as in the previous version. The known production tool JobQueueViewer that gives the user a summary of the current print information, has been extended to the new JobCenter and now allows for a faster overview of the status of the printer, cutter and the RIP.

A new JobTicket function gives detailed information about every job and enables you to recall this information later again. The new PrintClient allows on the fly changes of print parameters to optimise the printer settings like the number of passes, uni- or bidirectional printing, and changing the temperature at the printer heating. It is also possible to print white ink and spot colours.

With the introduction of a new cost estimating feature allows the user to have detailed information about the price of this job and therefore the user can use this information for further price quotes. Furthermore, the Postscript support is enhanced.

With the help of the optional additions, the modularly developed ErgoSoft RIP v.2008 can be customised to the users needs and grow with the user’s business success. Therefore optional functions such as “Variable Data” are available. This function can be used to print having all the same pattern but with different numbers or names on or. Or the user prints advertisement posters with different picture and text but with the same pattern and company logo.

“With our products, once again ErgoSoft sets the standard for RIP programs in terms of user friendliness, quality and productivity” said Mr. Hans-Peter Tobler during the internal presentation of the new RIP software family. The new ErgoSoft products StudioPrint v.2008, PosterPrint v.2008, TexPrint v.2008 and ColorGPS v.2008 are exclusively distributed by selected resellers all over the world.



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