"After 22 years, Zulu Graphics has decided to imprint themselves on the virtual marketplace. As part of their ongoing desire to improve their customer service, they are launching a newsletter which will be published every fortnight .

newshead.jpgThe newsletter will keep customers and associates updated on current promotions, tools and  tricks of the screen-printing trade, the latest blog and friendly advice.

Husband and wife team Mark and Diana Millgate run the company with Mark being the chief printer and Diana running the administration. Diana said that, "We have launched our website so that we can supply our quality  products to a wider range of people. Our newsletter is designed to make the customer more aware - a lot of the time the customer can come in blind, not knowing anything about printing or set-up and this makes a big difference about how confident they feel about their job.  If they know what's going on, what artwork works best for their job and our vision is for the business, they can feel certain that we will work to achieve the best result for them."

Mark added, "It can be a challenge to follow a design from artwork through to final print and achieve quality at each step of the way. It is great to achieve this goal with every job"

They have also just updated their web-site to include a printing  dictionary, artwork advice and a detailed description of their services.

Zulu Graphics

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