The Digital Impressions Group is proud to announce the Australian release of a UV varnishing machine manufactured by French based, MGI Digital Graphic Technology.

The MGI UVarnish is designed to compliment both digital and offset print. It is the first and only "Push Button" UV coater available in the market. User-friendly and with the smallest footprint, the UVarnish is designed to compliment both digital and
offset printed paper or plastic substrates without requiring a fulltime operator or a large amount of floor space.

“We are very impressed by the ease of use and the quality of the output on both digital and offset jobs” says Warren Davey, managing director of The Digital Impressions Group. “It is a machine that can really make your digital print shine, giving a near offset look and feel.”

Friendly to the environment, the UVarnish uses a UV curing technology that is ozone free. Depending on the type of substrates and applications, various varnish finishes are available: Matt, Gloss and Pre lamination varnish for plastic hot platen lamination.

The Digital Impression Group

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