Sawgrass Technologies has announced the release of the ChromaBlast system for the Epson 4880 enabling printing for cotton decoration in a production environment.

ChromaBlast is a patented ink and media combination driven by print software to create a cotton imaging system. As heat and pressure is applied to the cotton, a chemical cross-link with cotton occurs. Brighter, softer images result from this technology. 

Geared for production environments, the ChromaBlast system for the 4880 features faster printing speeds, higher efficiency and productivity.  It has a larger printing area (11” x 17”) that is ideal for larger or over-sized garments or images. 

“We’re excited to offer an advanced system to our customers looking for a professional solution for cotton decoration that combines speed and productivity without sacrificing image quality,” said Randy Hughes, Sales Director of Sawgrass Technologies.

Sawgrass Technologies


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