Members of the Printing Industries supa drupa tour will receive all kinds of advice and support for their trip to drupa 2008 - but none more important than a lesson in ordering German beer.

This gem is an extract from the publication drupa, beer and Germans – don’t say we didn’t tell you . . . which is currently being prepared for distribution to supa drupa tour participants.

German beer
All German states have adopted the Bavarian “Beer Purification” laws dating back to 1516. The only ingredients allowed are water, hops, malt, barley or wheat. If the drink contains anything else, it cannot be called “beer” (No Australian beer meets this standard.) 

Beer brewed in this tradition does not travel well. As a result, there are still hundreds of small breweries around and each region has their own brand and sometimes even their own type of beer.   The local beer in Düsseldorf is “Alt” (old), a dark bitter beer produced by top fermentation. The pubs in the Altstadt serve different brands; some of them even brew their own. Alt is one of the few beers served without a large head. 

Other beers you may come across are the Pilsner (“Pils”) style beers and lagers from the Ruhr area and “Kölsch”, the beer from the great rival Cologne. (Do not tell a Düsseldorfer that you prefer Kölsch to Alt. That is worse than telling a Queenslander that XXXX is no good and can only be rectified by ordering - and paying for - large quantities of Alt and Schnaps for all). 

Do not order a “Pils” when you are thirsty. It takes seven minutes to pour. Otherwise the distinctive high head will not build. Do what the Germans do: order a “Bier” and a Pils at the same time. Drink the Bier while you wait for the Pils.

It’s easy to get involved in the supa drupa tour and packages are still available featuring a range of airlines and hotels. Most packages include a ticket for the Aussie Night BBQ (except the three night tour option tours) along with invitations to attend the Happy Hour supplier functions.

To discuss supa drupa  tour options and your flight requirements contact Gerd or Helmut at Landmark Travel on (02) 9977 7100. BBQ tickets for functions during both weeks of drupa must be purchased ahead and are available to all Aussie and New Zealand visitors. These can be booked online here or by contacting Theresa at Printing Industries on (02) 8789 7300 or by e-mail

drupa is held over two weeks from 29 May - 11 June 2008 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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