Traditionally entries to these competitions are entered by a relatively small number of entrants which is real pity. The judges may appreciate the small number – imagine if they had entries from the whole industry – how would they manage!

ASGA Award poster 2018The fact remains though that winning an award in this or other similar competitions can bring great marketing benefits to the company. It’s a real pity that the bulk of the industry does not recognise this and make the effort to compete.

Some excuses include, “we are too busy anyway, we don’t need extra work” or what about this one, “ why bother, we know we can’t compete against the big companies”. Or perhaps, the real reason, is a lack of ambition or a lack of enthusiasm for your business and your industry.

Lame excuses, all of them.

I once heard that a winning company increased their prices on the back of a win. Not sure that is the right thing to do and I am not sure if that company got away with it, they probably did.

Whichever way you look at it, the organisers are trying to help you by giving you the opportunity.

Deadline for entries is 27th July 2018 and entry forms can be had by clicking here.




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