Knox Print Media has announced that Cactus Imaging has joined the Knox Print Media group.

The acquisition of Cactus Imaging extends the footprint of the Grand/Large Format Division of the group, which is now the largest in Australasia. This complements the Short Run Book Division of the group, which is also the largest in Australasia.

Commenting on the acquisition, Knox Print Media Group CEO Cliff Brigstocke said, “With Cactus Imaging Australia joining our growing network of specialist print providers, we can now deliver “grand” and “wide” format print solutions in both New Zealand and Australia. A Trans-Tasman offering is important for our customers who have locations in Australia and New Zealand as it ensures seamless production, the latest in technology and consistency whilst delivering the benefi ts of economies of scale”.

Knox Print Media is thrilled that Keith Ferrel, General Manager of Cactus Imaging, is continuing on to ensure his vision for this next exciting phase in the company’s development is realised. Keith is a key driver of the business, and after recent consultation with his business partner, has recognised the opportunity to join with a larger print specialist group in order to realise longer term goals.

“Knox Print Media has a proven record in supporting small to medium size specialist print business by developing a sound growth plan. The Knox team have a wealth of knowledge and their support during the transition phase has been fantastic” said Ferrel.

“For me it is the best of both worlds, I remain in the business that I love and am passionate about, and have partners who will support me to further grow the business. For our customers, my message is business as usual with many potential benefi ts as we connect with the Knox Print Media group”.

The other arm of Knox Print Media, short run book printing, offers time sensitive printing requirements from annual reports to manuals, journals and book-like products. These services will naturally extend the offering to existing grand and wide format customers, who will gain from a group that can provide a wider print solution.

Just in case you never knew anything about Knox Print Media, here are some details.
Knox Print Media is an Australasian printing group with a portfolio of businesses specialising in a range of niche print areas. To date the group consists of two divisions; Short Run Books and Grand/Large Format.

Ligare is the cornerstone company of the Short Run Books Division. Established in 1979, Ligare is a specialist single to four colour printing company for book and book like products providing binding for both soft and hard cover. The company is considered as a “one stop shop”, with the ability to fulfi ll an entire range of customer demands such as pre-press, printing, folding, collating, sewing and binding. With specialist equipment and highly effi cient production processes, Ligare has successfully maintained its focus on quality, reliability and superior customer service.

The Grand/Large Format Division consists of Omnigraphics and F’Digital in New Zealand and Cactus Imaging in Australia and New Zealand. The Division specialises in “outdoor” printing of high resolution digital colour images for both grand and large formats with key products including billboards, bus backs, truck curtains, banners and Point-of-Purchase / Point-of-Sale displays. The Division offers clients a complete digital printing solution that includes innovative products, quick turnaround, and a high level of service with a consistent on-time and on-spec performance. No other Grand/Large format printing division in Australasia offers such a wide range of printing solutions.

Knox Print Media provides print solutions to many of Australasia’s and the world’s largest publishers, multinational corporates, media companies and advertising agencies, as well as serving great local businesses. The capabilities and wide print offering of Knox Print Media ensures customers benefi t from quality, consistency and the capacity to deliver on time, every time.

Knox Print Media Group

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