The Fujifilm Acuity HD 2504 offers you the latest breakthrough in wide format UV digital imaging technology. Specifically designed for print applications requiring fine detail, high resolution images, the Acuity HD 2504 delivers both rigid and flexible point-of-purchase signage that hold up visually, even at the closest of viewings.

At the heart of the Acuity HD 2504 is a new imaging technology that enables each print head to produce variable size dots as opposed to traditional fixed-droplets. The printer's ability to jet droplets as fine as 6 picoleter produces sharp, precise images with smoother transitions and quarter tones: while jetting larger droplets up to 30 picoleter delivers denser, more uniform solid image areas.

acuity.gifCaldera claim that their RIP is a measurable asset to the Acuity's productivity.

The speed of the Acuity is increased by Caldera's Print while RIP feature, with RIP time being ½ of other RIPs tested. Caldera enables you to RIP a second file while you RIP and print another job at the same time.

Caldera's software offers multi-level screening, meaning that Caldera drives the GrayScale heads with proven technology. An essential feature for getting precise color shades, even when it comes to black hues.

With variable-size droplets management through Caldera, the Fujifilm achieves accurate colors and resolution with its four-colours where other wide-format machines have light versions of their inks.

Caldera's new Tiling+ also gets full potential out of the Acuity for all those tough tiling jobs. The new improved interface and new features include : fully configurable grommets (size, shape, color...), manual positioning of the grommets, full management of the covering, easy modification of the tiles with the mouse, real time modification of the tiles...

And as an Acuity purchaser will have more than one machine in his print house, Caldera's client-serveur architecture will enable him to centralise RIPing and PRINTing on one master RIP PC which manages unlimited RIP/Printing slave PC’s for scalable distributed computing over the network.



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