Although to some print service providers, 3D printing might seem like a relatively new phenomenon, it has in fact been around for over three decades, transforming the production processes within the manufacturing world. Now the technology also presents viable application opportunities for the large format/sign sector, including the production of attention-grabbing vehicle wraps.

Last year, Israel-based Massivit 3D unveiled its pioneering large format 3D printer, the Massivit 1800. Based on the company’s proprietary Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology, the printer can quickly produce high quality 3D printed objects up to 6ft high and is already transforming the way graphic arts projects are created. In fact, with research demonstrating that 3D printed

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campaigns have five times more stopping-power and four times more staying-power than 2D campaigns, it’s no wonder that more and more large format print providers and sign companies are looking towards 3D printing to transform their graphic arts projects and their business.
For the owners of large format print and sign businesses, the Massivit 1800 3D Printer not only enables them to extend their application gamut but provides the ability to differentiate their offering, which could potentially unlock the door to the new business.
Energising vehicle graphics
This opportunity is exemplified by several of Massivit 3D’s customers, in particular, E.S. Digital, who has applied its expertise of visual merchandising and POS branding and signage to vehicle graphics.
E.S. Digital was recently commissioned by Israeli dairy giant, Tnuva, to produce three eye-catching 3D printed bottles used as part of a three-month vehicle campaign to promote its new energy dairy drink, GO. Thanks to the Massivit 1800’s huge build tray, E.S. Digital was able to output the impressive, larger-than-life bottles in a matter of days. Each 3D printed bottle was also illuminated to further maximise the visual impact outside of daylight hours.
According to Eyal Shemesh CEO at E.S Digital, the 3D printed bottles surpassed Tnuva’s expectations in terms of attention-grabbing capability and visual appeal. He explains: “It goes without saying that brand and marketing managers will always be seeking to maximise their budgets with as much WOW-factor as possible and this particular exemplifies this.
The Massivit 3D printing solution can be seamlessly integrated into large format/sign businesses. With their extensive knowledge of traditional printing processes and a comprehensive customer base, large format and sign print houses can easily combine the two technologies to create stunning vehicle graphics with minimal learning and business disruption.
Another example of this is US vehicle wrap specialist Carisma, who is successfully targeting its existing clients and elevating traditional 2D vehicle graphics with eye-catching 3D printed elements for its customers. These projects comprise a number of prominent US movies and TV series, including the recently-released final season of Black Sails, which saw Carisma tasked with creating nine double-decker bus wraps to promote the show in a country-wide campaign.  
Utilising the Massivit 1800’s super-fast turnaround time and robust Dimengel material, Carisma 3D printed the 8ft-high skull. This was then vacuum-formed into the nine skulls and adorned with printed self-adhesive vinyl sheets all within 3 days.
This project came after a series of bus wraps complemented with 3D objects for blockbuster films including The Angry Birds Movie, Ghostbusters and Little Princess.
“Needless to say, our client was blown away by the attention generated by the 3D printed bus graphics,” says Moshe Gill, CEO and Founder of Carisma. “As a business owner, the need to retain clients by securing repeat work is critical and our bus-wrap projects are a clear example of how the Massivit 1800 3D Printer enables us to do exactly that,” he explains.
“As our customers demonstrate, by stepping outside of their comfort zone to explore the capabilities of 3D printing, they are enjoying a multitude of benefits, including the ability to ‘futureproof’ their business,” explains Lilach Sapir, VP Marketing and Business Development at Massivit 3D.
“As we are already seeing, more of our customers are pushing creative boundaries, which will see 3D printing become increasingly integral to the creation of stunning, next generation vehicle graphics.”




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