Large format and posters will be sold as four-week campaigns from February 2008 by national outdoor media operators, ending the ad hoc approach that has been based on monthly bookings.

Announcing the details, the Chief Executive Officer of the Outdoor Media Association (OMA), Helen Willoughby, said the change would prepare the industry for the launch of its new audience measurement system in 2008.

“Our audience measurement system – known as MOVE – is being built to deliver data around weekly selling periods up to four weeks,” Ms Willoughby said.

“Street furniture and transit operators already meet these requirements. However, large format and posters needed to move to four-week periods if they were to align with MOVE’s future software capabilities.”

Ms Willoughby said the United States had moved to a four-week selling cycle for large format and posters in the last six months, and that it had been general practice in Europe for some time.

The change has been made possible following significant investment in infrastructure and installation systems, and the increased professionalism of the installation and printing contractors.

OMA members who will change to the new selling period from February are APN Outdoor, EyeCorp, Network Outdoor and Media Puzzle, GOA Billboards, Independent Outdoor Melbourne (IOM) and Metrospace.

Outdoor Media Association of Australia


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