There have been many gimmiky products introduced to the world of graphics over the years, most are just that, gimmicks.

Zink Imaging could be one that changes the face of printing, including wide format as they have made considerable ground since their first big footstep in October 2005 when the current Zink Imaging management, in conjunction with private investors, purchased the Zink Technology and related physical assets and hired the innovation team that now make-up Zink Imaging.

Zink have made appearances at several major US graphics shows and have since tied up several significant partnership deals.

Over 100 patents and patents pending were generated in the development of the technology.

The technology, in a nutshell is based upon embedding colours into the paper and when subjected to microscopic heat sources, the relevant colour appears.

At the moment the technology is being examined by the hi-tech industry for potential applications in consumer electronic devices, but it has the potential to turn the existing printing industry on its head, barring possible blockage by the big guns who will want to protect their investments in machinery, ink and conventional media technology.

Zink have recently announced the first of an expanding list of partnerships at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Should products evolve from these partnerships, they will be launched under the partner's brand name

The partners to date include"

Alps Electric Co, Ltd
Alps is a multi-billion dollar electronics supplier that was established in 1948 with expertise in developing highly evolved devices with advanced functions by fusing a wide range of core and proprietary technologies. Alps has a long history in developing printer products and has a very strong reputation in the consumer thermal printing market. Their expertise includes material design, fabrication of their own print heads, miniaturization of electronics, and achieving high image quality through precision machining and mechanical design.
ZINK Imaging is working hand-in-hand with Alps on the development of ZINK-enabled print engines and devices for partner companies looking to deliver innovative printing solutions to their customers. These companies will bring ZINK-enabled products and ZINK Paper to the marketplace under their respective brands.

Foxconn Technology Group
Foxconn is a multi-billion dollar company with extensive capabilities and its recent acquisition of Premier Image Technology Corporation makes it a leader in digital imaging and capture devices. Foxconn's competitive advantages
stem from the award-winning eCMMS business model and a unique Foxconnian culture. Foxconn defines company products as Speed, Quality, Engineering Services, Flexibility, and Monetary Cost Saving. Foxconnians are devoted to customer's long-term success and take pride in the hardworking culture. Foxconn has over 15,000 patents granted worldwide and is a recognized leader of innovation and technical know-how in rankings such as MIT's patent scorecard.
ZINK Imaging is collaborating with Foxconn on the development of ZINK-enabled devices for partner companies looking to enhance their digital imaging product lines with innovative new printing solutions. These companies will bring ZINK-enabled devices and ZINK Paper to the marketplace under their respective brands.
Polaroid Corporation

Polaroid Corporation
The pioneer of many technology firsts, Polaroid designs a variety of consumer electronics products, including LCD TVs, portable DVD players and digital cameras, GPS, instant cameras and film. Staying true to its 70-year heritage of visual innovation, Polaroid continues to help consumers share their memories, but in new ways.
The first Polaroid branded ZINK-enabled product is a pocket-sized mobile printer that produces borderless full color 2”x3” peel-and-stick ZINK photos from digital cameras and camera phones. The Polaroid Digital Instant Mobile Photo Printer enables customers to take printing on the go, creating tangible pictures as soon as an image is captured – in less than a minute. The Digital Instant Mobile Photo Printer is being debuted today at the Consumer Electronics Show and can be seen at the Polaroid booth - Central Hall at booth #13164.
The Polaroid Digital Instant Mobile Photo Printer will be available in the first half of 2008. The partnership has plans for numerous additional ZINK-enabled products.

Tomy Company, Ltd.
Founded in Tokyo, Japan, Tomy (known as Takaratomy in Japan) is a multi-billion dollar company that has a rich eight-decade history of developing and manufacturing a broad portfolio of exciting and educational toys, games, video games and other electronics for consumers of all ages. Known for its innovation, quality and safety, Tomy’s mission is to produce consumer technology that entertains and inspires both children and adults.
Zink Imaging and Tomy are collaborating on the development and marketing of a new family of printing products that leverage Zink Imaging’s ink-free printing technology. The first Tomy branded Zink-enabled product will be available in 2008. The partnership has plans for a number of Zink-enabled products.

“These partnerships mark a significant milestone for ZINK Imaging in its quest to bring an entirely new digital experience to consumers,” said Wendy Caswell, President and CEO, ZINK Imaging. “Each company in the ZINK Imaging partner network will enable us to put the magic of ink-free printing into the hands of consumers this year. What is most exciting is that this is just the beginning.”

Zink Imaging


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