The largest print show in the world, drupa, will feature for the first time in 2008, the drupacube, a special event aimed at the print buyer target group.

Selling exhibition space is no longer a major problem for the organisers of drupa, the primary problem would seem to be getting a better and bigger audience to attend than the previous show.

To this effect the organisers are targeting the print buyer for 2008 as well as the traditional audience of printers.

Heads of marketing and publishing directors, production managers, account executives and creative directors will be able to take in print’s potential in the marketing mix in a compact format across all 19 halls of drupa.

“With this tool, we intend to attract print buyers to drupa in greater numbers. Undoubtedly, many of the exhibitors also have offerings catering to this target group. But at a technology fair of drupa’s kind, this type of information is often in danger of being drowned out,” said Manuel Mataré, drupa Project Director, describing the aim of the event. “The drupacube acts as a portal for print buyers by serving up concise infotainment on all things print communications and guiding them to exhibitors’ stands.”

The diversity of the print buyer target group will be matched by the multifaceted offerings in the drupacube. Symposia and workshops will tackle the most varied topics, with each day dedicated to a specific motto. To this end, one day will be given over to newspapers and/or magazines, others to direct marketing, catalogues and corporate communications. Also in the pipeline are cross-sectoral symposia addressing, for instance, brand protection, green printing and the relationship between the arts and print.

“We plan to engage people in the topics they have to deal with every day,” explained Manuel Mataré. To ensure this, the relevant associations have been called on to assist with the planning and design. The following associations have already committed to the project: Deutscher Direktmarketing Verband (German Direct Marketing Association – DDV), Forum Corporate Publishing (FCP) and the Fachverband der Medienproduktioner (media production association – f:mp). Newspaper, magazine and free sheet publishers have also given their support to the concept. In addition, talks are underway with numerous drupa exhibitors on how their print-buyer-relevant information can be combined with the offerings in the drupacube.

The chief attraction of the drupacube is its location off the actual fairgrounds but in their immediate vicinity – that is, in front of the Congress Center South, on the banks of the Rhine. The site of the drupacube sets it apart, making it clear that it serves as a separate access point to the trade fair for a specific target group. Integrated into the regular trade fair activity, it would have become another way station instead of a portal.

What’s more, the drupacube will be laid out so that each of print segments can be individually celebrated. While, during the day, new production technology for catalogues is explored, a party for those in charge of catalogues can be staged in the evening and even go on into the early hours. This feature of the event concept can only be realised off the fairgrounds. In providing not only information but also stylish entertainment, the drupacube ties in perfectly with the city of Düsseldorf and its innovative Media Harbour on the Rhine.

The latest updates on the drupacube and its programme can be found at:

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