Uniscreen have announced the availability of M&R's mew Heatwave R Series gas textile dryers. They say that by bridging the gap between M&R’s infrareds and the Sprint line of high-performance gas dryers, HeatWave meets the needs of shops torn between larger, more expensive gas dryers and the cost of bringing in the added electrical capacity necessary to run an electric dryer.

Mike Williams of Uniscreen said that the HeatWave is easy to own and economical to operate, It offers exceptional performance in a compact gas dryer. It features M&R’s high-efficiency gas-dryer technology, 91 cm (36”) belt width, 259 cm (8’ 6”) heat chamber length, and a new control-panel that uses icons instead of text to control dryer operation.

Not only does HeatWave have the highest production capacity in its class, it’s also the most energy efficient. Heavy-duty thermal insulation prevents heat from migrating into the workplace, while CoolSkin™ technology leaves the dryer skin cool to the touch. Fast cure rates and high product throughput maximize dryer capacity and minimize per-unit cost. Available in liquid propane (LP) or Natural Gas (NG), the high-performance burner is designed with excess capacity that exceeds consumption rates under normal operating conditions. Separate blowers control combustion, circulation, and exhaust.

A high-volume forced air system quickly brings the chamber to the desired temperature, speeding the start of production. Process temperatures and set temperatures are controlled digitally. Temperature consistency is ensured by a fuzzy-logic controller, which responds to ambient temperature changes by keeping chamber heat within +/-1o of target temperature at the thermocouple. When readings fall outside those settings, a temperature monitor issues an audible alarm. Entry and exit openings are adjustable, and crowned rollers ensure positive belt tracking. An automatic shutdown sequence keeps the blower and belt running until the chamber has cooled.

Uniscreen Pty Ltd

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