The new JV5 version also comes with a bump up in maximum speed, to 24 sqm/h (JV5-160A) in standard high quality mode.

 Mimaki say that the staggered array of the four print heads with nozzle failure detection monitors eliminates the waste of media and ink.

There are two types of aqueous inks available: the new sb51 aqueous dye sublimation features faster drying time to meet the high speed of JV5.  Mimaki state that the aqueous ink enhances the print quality; bleeding is not likely to occur and the colour density of especially the black ink is improved.

Polyester based banners, flags, roll screen, hanging displays etc. are all now possible with the aqueous models. The aqueous pigment ink features a high quality of UV resistance and high colour density.

Mimaki’s UISS (uninterrupted ink supply system) is incorporated into the aqueous machines makig it possible to print change cassettes on the fly, enabling much higher production rates.

DGS Mimaki Pty Ltd

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