EskoArtwork has announced that its Esko Kongsberg i-XE series digital dieless cutting table is now available in two, larger sizes: the Kongsberg i-XE32 with a working area of 51”x63¾” (1300x1620mm) and the Kongsberg i-XE54 (63”x120”; 1600x3050mm). These two new models join the compact Kongsberg i-XE10.

The Kongsberg i-XE series of automated digital finishing systems, based on the technology and robust architecture of the Kongsberg i-XL series of large format digital finishing tables, was specifically created for signs and displays.

eg_kongsberg_i-xe54_full_hr.gifThe Kongsberg i-XE models provide the highest speed, acceleration and precision cutting available in the graphics industry. Screen printed decals, digitally printed POP displays, and pressure sensitive films, among others, are perfectly kiss-cut or through-cut using an advanced motion system and Mikkelsen Graphic Engineering’s (MGE’s) patented i-cut vision system. This is supported by proven, rugged construction, with robust rack and pinion motor drives, and an ultra-fast multi axis servo system that permits superior acceleration and full speed without loss of precision.

Each graphic element on every sheet is checked by the MGE i-cut Vision Pro system for any type of distortion in the printed image or substrate and corrected on-the-fly, even for non-linear type stretch or skewed images, without any user intervention. Even jobs printed months earlier will be cut accurately, despite any material shrinkage or image distortion.

The i-cut vision software and camera integrated into the tool head, read printed registration marks that are strategically placed by the ai-cut™ Adobe Illustrator plug-in module, which is able to create register marks in seconds.

The i-script software is an additional component enhancing finishing productivity. The software connects the separated routes of the graphic design and the finishing data. It is the interface between the digital print control and RIP software, and the i-cut digital finishing system. With i-script, the operator does not have to re-register the toolhead for each printed file on one sheet or roll of material. The i-script standard allows digital print control software to generate and communicate key finishing data to the Kongsberg i-XE. Setup time can be reduced to just placing the printed material on the Kongsberg i-XE table and pressing the ‘Start’ button.

The tooling system

Esko Kongsberg i-XE tables features an entirely new tooling system, for lightning-fast motion to increase productivity, for a wide range of materials. The tooling system offers two configurable tool positions with quick connectors, prepared for a range of advanced tool stations. In addition, there is a permanently mounted block holding the i-cut vision control camera, a ballpoint pen and a laser pointer for fast indexing.

Kiss & through cutting of vinyl, polycarbonate, polyester, carton and more, up to single flute corrugated material, is performed with a variety of tooling, including a PressCut tool allowing kiss and through cutting within the same job; a VariCut tool used for kiss cutting with fine depth tolerance as well as through cutting within the same job,; a Static knife tool for through cutting of thin, rigid material such as carton board and polycarbonate; a Reciprocating knife tool suitable for single-flute corrugated board up to and including C-flute and other light-duty fibrous materials; and a Crease tool for creasing of folding carton and corrugated board.

The Kongsberg i-XE10 can be equipped with a conveyer system and the MGE sheet feeding system for automated material processing. Production applications, requiring continuous loading of material by pushing material on the conveyer belt and moving the belt, are made easy.

“As the speed of roll and flatbed printers increase, they require faster finishing tables that are correspondingly faster and productive,” explains Tom Erik Naess, Esko Product Manager, samplemaking and SRP. “Our new Kongsberg i-XE tables were developed in larger sizes to accommodate the wider materials that are coming off wide-format digital presses for displays of many sizes and shapes. We offer the speed required to keep up with these faster printers.”

The new Kongsberg i-XE table will be demonstrated for the first time in MGE’s booth (#1358) at the SGIA show in Orlando, Florida, October 24-27, 2007. The first machines will be available for delivery at the beginning of 2008.

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