The new Mutoh ValueJet VJ 1304 and 1608 hybrid flatbed for rigid substrates and roll to roll was developed on the basis of using muBio ink, the first vegetable based ink.

vj1608-flat.gifThe printers run on either the conventional Value Jet inks or the new muBio ink which allow the ink to be set with compressed air or a heater, eliminating the need for other expensive dry- set devices.

The new muBio inks, Mutoh claim will offer the same permanance as traditional solvents and when used in the new Value Jets VJ 1303/1608, beautiful photographic reproduction is possible.

The ink will allow direct printing onto materials on which was previously impossible to print using conventional inkjet printers, such as recycled PET, polypropylene coatings, aluminium composition board, foam board, and cardboard.

With a maximum printing width of 1615 and 1336mm respectively for flexible media and 1290mm for rigid media, the printer offers a maximum resolution of 1440 x 1440dpi.

Ink cartridges are supplied in either 220, 440 and 880cc.

The machines will have there first showing at the SGIA show in the USA later this month and more information will be revealed at that time.

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