Caldera Graphics is launching the new version 7.20 of its successful RIP that includes many new features and devices.
Caldera supports both Intel and Mac based front ends as well as the Mandriva 2007 which has been added in order to solve some missing driver situation that can occur with Mandriva 2005, all Caldera solutions have been successfully tested on Mandriva 2007 platform.

New features of version 7.2 include:
- GrandWhite Workflow: The new white ink workflow solution is now in its final version. It allows printing of white ink from a spot colour, from a contour filling, or from an extra/alpha channel, and to preview the result before printing. Supported printers include: Durst Rho-600 and Rho-350R, Nur Tempo, Spuhl Virtu, TeckwinTeckSmart and TeckUV, Luescher JetPrint, Zund Uvjet 215 and 250, Gandinnovations JETi 3150, IP&I Cube, Yishan 2407-EB and 2506-DJ.

Additional printers now include:
-Colorspan 9840uv; Mutoh DrafStation 42” (RJ-900) and 24” (RJ-901); ValueJet: 47” (VJ-1204) and 64” (VJ-1604); HP DesignJet 8000s; Scitex XLJet Premium: in 4, 6 or 8 colors, 2.2m, 3.2m, or 5m; Roland XC 540S; SkyJet printers: “LittleFairy”, “UV Flatbed”, “Old Master” and “Synchro” series, all models; Seaband printers: K3, KD3, T1, D2 and M3 series, all models; Yishan printers: EB, DJ, CA, EA, CF, DI, and EE series supported (with white ink support for EB and DJ models).

Supported cutters include:
Multicam cutters : the driver generates files ready to be read by the Multicam controller; Summa “PostNet”: a new driver using the new positioning system (OPOS with barcode) available on all Summa cutters with a firmware update. This driver also supports the new “multicut” feature of VisualCut solution.

Version 2 also supports the Barbieri Spectro LFP. This is an automatic spectrophotometer, able to make reflection or transmission readings, on heavy and thick materials (up to 20mm), with an adjustable aperture (2mm or 6mm). EasyMedia supports all the features of the device, including auto-positioning and “contact-less” reading.

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