With over 13,000 flatbed cutters with the “Made in Switzerland” mark installed worldwide, Zünd Systemtechnik AG is recognised as one of the leaders in digital cutting.

To further strengthen this position Zünd is focusing all future development efforts on digital cutting.

“The potential in digital cutting is huge and has not been exhausted yet", says owner and CEO, Karl
Zünd: Considering the synergy between digital printing and digital cutting/routing, one can only imagine
what will be possible in the future. This synergy does not only affect the graphics and packaging
industries. Textile and other industries are advancing towards digital manufacturing which also involves
cutting. We envision taking these advances even further and want to offer our customers exciting new
opportunities in all areas of digital cutting.

"We must focus our resources on digital cutting and workflow solutions. Consequently, Zünd will no longer develop new printing equipment.”

Zünd Systemtechnik AG


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