DuPont Imaging Technologies previewed a next generation high speed, variable drop, two-metre-wide digital textile printer at the ITMA Show in Germany during September 13-20, 2007.

“Although this system is currently not a commercial offering, we are evaluating several different ways to potentially deliver this technology to the industry,” Michael Lazzara, global product manager -- DuPont Artistri, said. “Being at ITMA provides us a rare opportunity to evaluate these options with the textile printing marketplace,” Lazzara said.

This new system delivers the next generation digital printing speed and performance for textile and graphic applications. With print speeds up to 120 square metres an hour and variable drop size capabilities, the prototype has been designed for production environments where high speed and quality are important.

“This is one response to requests from customers and the industry for a high speed, variable drop, production capable digital textile system that can print on a broad range of textiles,” Lazzara said. “The system builds upon the extensive experience we have gained in the global textile marketplace with our Artistri 2020 and 3320 printers and we want to clearly identify potential applications where this system fits in,” Lazzara concluded.

Also featured in the booth will be the recently launched Artistri 3320 digital textile printing system. “We will be printing examples of beautiful ultra-high-resolution images from the Gigapxl Project portfolio and examples of traditional textile applications with the grand format printing system,” Gary Turner, business development manager -- DuPont Artistri, said. “The Gigapxl images represent a level of detail and clarity from the highest-resolution landscape camera ever created and the traditional textile patterns represent the capabilities this system has to meet the needs of the interior fashion marketplace. The output has to be seen to be really appreciated.”



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