PrintVillage, Inc and its subsidiary, US Sublimation have introduced the Velotex series of wide format direct-to-textile inkjet printers for direct fabric printing with one-step curing using dye sublimation or aqueous textile pigment inks. Velotex prints and sublimates without the need for a heat press and allows for production speeds of up to 581 square feet per hour of printed fabric at 540-by-720 dpi, making it the fastest high quality direct-to-textile printer in its class.  It is unknown at this stage whether the machine will be available in the ANZ region.

With the latest advances in inkjet print head technology and a patented system of synchronised stabilisation rolls, this ultra-fast textile inkjet printer allows users to print water-based dye sublimation or textile pigments directly on fabric and cure the inks in one step with an in-line sublimation/curing unit. The Velotex DS 6400 will be introduced at the IFAI Expo October 3-5, 2007, in Las Vegas and SGIA October 24-27 in Orlando.

 gi_velotexmachineshadow_jpg.jpg"Dye sublimation equipment and consumables are an important part of our business. Production speed, trouble free manufacturing processes and innovative applications are the key to competing in today's textile industry," says Michael Choo, CEO of PrintVillage, Inc. "I instructed our distribution division to search for cost effective and innovative products that reduce waste, improve productivity and give customers a competitive edge against foreign competition for the largest growing segments of the industry, which are textiles, tradeshow, flags and banner markets. The Velotex direct to textile system has exceeded my expectations."

Velotex is a breakthrough in inkjet textile technology, thanks to its patented system of synchronised cylinders for controlled media feeding and a unique built-in heat fixation module that, based on the ink used, either sublimates or cures the colour on the fabric as it exits the printer unit. Both treated and untreated fabrics can be printed directly using a new generation of print heads that allow for production speeds of 581 square feet per hour in four colour modes at a sharp 540-by-720 dpi resolution.

Velotex will be available in DS and DP versions. The DS version will use US Sublimation's LFP dye sublimation inks for polyester and PES-type materials that are typically used for the production of flags, banners, trade show displays and custom short run fabrics, among other things. The DP version will use aqueous textile pigments, developed in collaboration with Sensient Technologies, which are suitable for direct printing on cotton and linen, but can be used on virtually any material, including viscose, silk and poly blends. The DP version is ideal for sampling and short run or custom textile productions.

US Sublimation's Velotex uses water-based inks that, unlike solvent or eco-solvent-based equivalents, are harmless to humans and the environment. The elimination of paper from the process further reduces the impact on the environment, making Velotex a viable and economic green alternative to solvent and UV printing.

The new Velotex printer allows for continuous unattended printing of textiles, eliminating the need for transfer and blotting papers or the need for separate post treatment of the fabric with a heat press or steamer. For dye sublimation manufacturers, this means a reduction in defects such as ghosting and various "waves" or "lines" caused by out-gassing of glycol or fabric shrinkage.

Both the Dye Sublimation LFP and Pigment DTX ink sets are manufactured to comply with Oeko-tex 100 standards for human ecological safety of textiles and have been tested for colour fastness based on ISO 105 standards.

Dye sublimation is a process by which typically an image is printed on transfer paper using sublimation inks, which are then infused to poly fabrics or a polymer coated material via heat and pressure. Common products manufactured using this process are custom sport uniforms, flags, casino gaming tables, banners, snowboards, tradeshow booth graphics and custom designed ceramic and glass tiles.

The Velotex DS 6400 is expected to retail around $89,000.

US Sublimation


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