Mimaki Japan has announced new the flatbed cutting plotters: CF3-1631 /1610 which can cut rigid materials up to 1.6 X 3.1m (5’ x 10’).

Mimaki introduced two new large-sized flatbed UV-curable inkjet printers:JF-1631 and JF-1610 at the end of last year. These printers can print directly on un-coated rigid materials like acrylic and plastic. This further underscores the need to cut rigid materials as flatbed UV-curable inkjet printers have become increasingly popular. Needs for contour cutting of rigid materials has appeared as a new request with the advent of UV-curable inkjet printers. To meet these demands, Mimaki has developed new flatbed cutting plotters equipped with a router head. These cutters are the same sizes as JF series to make contour cutting of prints on rigid materials like acrylic and aluminum products.

20070828.jpg"We believe the combination of the JF series and CF3 series will contribute to the production of value-added products. " says Mr. Masafumi Okabe, Division Manager of cutting plotters.

In addition, Reciprocating cutter model and Tangential cutter model are also available. The reciprocating cutter models allow for cutting corrugated board and thick, soft materials by utilizing an osculating cutter. The tangential cutter models have two types of tangential cutters to cut various materials from soft to rigid with the cutting force of up to 5kg (11lbs.). These cutter heads can be changed by users.

An added feature is newly developed two softwares. Mimaki Product Manager can be used to set up cutting conditions and settle problems with the Wizard functions from PC. FineCut 7, a plug-in cutting software allows the user to create cutting data from CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator. These softwares enhance productivity and realize easy-to use cutting.

DGS Mimaki Pty Ltd

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