Sawgrass has announced that it is launching a direct to garment inkjet printing system, the Direct Advantage with the best output quality and washability in the industry. The printer will be unveiled January 19 at the Imprinted Sportswear Show in Long Beach, California.

The Direct Advantage is fueled by Sawgrass-patented NaturaLink inks, using eight-colour piezo heads to print customised images onto a wide range of garments, including 100 percent cotton and 50/50 blends. The system is driven by Sawgrass’ industry-tested software, designed to achieve brilliant colour output and image quality. The printer is white ink-ready.

“We are an ink technology company with proven breakthroughs for printing on cotton. Our core customers deserve an out of the box solution to take full advantage of the profit to be made from inkjet direct to garment printing. The Direct Advantage meets our own high standards of a printing solution worthy of carrying the Sawgrass name,” said Nathan Hale, Sawgrass founder and CEO.

The Direct AdvantageTM printer launch is part of an accelerated introduction of innovative product solutions for the cotton imaging market, according to Matthew Rhome, Sawgrass director of cotton imaging. Rhome added, “Head to head, the Direct Advantage gives our customers the best direct to garment performance for price in the industry. Our customers are going to see superior image quality, plus impressive washability. Long Beach is just the start this year of Sawgrass bringing innovative and profitable cotton imaging solutions to the garment printing market.”

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