The Sign Shop Template CD contains letter templates, business forms, lists, charts, reckoners, colour concepts, sign shapes, Jpegs etc which are vital for the day to day running of a sign business. The letters and forms are Word documents which can be copied from the CD, personalised, edited and printed as required. Company logo and header details can easily be added. 

The newly released ‘version 2’ contains around double the content of the previous version including portions on speeding up sign design and improving marketing strategies.

There is a section on ‘Quoting to get what the job is worth’ and how to avoid competing just by offering cheaper pricing.

Also topics like ‘How to place a sign business on the market’   ‘How to Improve your company image’  ‘How to Increase Profits’ etc. are addressed.

The Quote-Rite sign quote calculator software is a Windows based programe with Graphical User Interface (GUI) which simplifies and speeds up the quoting process.

It stores pricing for vinyls, substrates, labour, overheads etc. Simply type in the client’s details and the proposed materials and it produces Quotes, Invoices and Records, all complete with your own company logo and details.

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