Mimaki has announced that it will launch the new UV-curable inkjet printer models UJF-3042MkII and UJF-6042MkII in October, 2016. The new models are the successor models to the UJF-3042FX/HG and UJF-6042 models and deliver superior productivity, print quality, and adaptability for various application needs.

Recently, the UV-curable printers are being installed to fabrication laboratories (FabLab), shopping malls and hardware/DIY stores to allow general customers creating customized items. Along with this market trend, Mimaki predicts that the users will expect to use the printer that provide faster printing speed, better usability and greater compatibility with various materials.   
In 2010, Mimaki launched the world’s first desktop UV-LED curable inkjet printer UJF-3042 and has been leading the market ever since. In recent years, the need for high-mix low-volume production is increasing; therefore, digital on-demand print production is increasing because of its unique features. The digital on-demand inkjet printer does not require a print-plate, thus quicker delivery is possible compared to conventional printing methods. Furthermore, this quick-printing feature provides an economic advantage because it enables reducing stocking up of final products.
UJF 3043Mk11The new UJF-3042MkII and UJF-6042MkII models achieve the best-in-class print speed that is approximately 120% faster than that of the conventional models. In addition to providing excellent productivity, the new models can accommodate various applications with a choice of flexible or rigid ink. The LUS-120 ink stretches up to 170% and thus can be used to print on soft material surface. Ideal applications of the LUS-120 ink are membrane switches or wallet smartphone cases that must be pressed or folded. The LUS-150 ink is also flexible and has high adhesion level to various materials. Ideal applications of the LUS-150 ink are indoor signs, trophies and other items that are made of acrylics because of this ink’s excellent compatibility with acrylics. The rigid LH-100 ink has high durability including excellent scratch resistance. Ideal applications of the LH-100 ink are accessories or stationery products. To accommodate the requirements of various applications, the inkjet primer PR-200 increases the adhesion of the LH-100 ink on glass, metal and resin materials for which printing with UV-curable inks was previously difficult.
The new models employ Mimaki’s unique print control technique that adds value to the product by delivering photo quality, fine graphics and smooth gradation prints, along with texture prints created with a clear varnish ink. Moreover, the print table area is fully covered, which reduces ink odour during printing and allows the use of the printer even in offices or retail stores. The new UJF-3042MkII and UJF-6042MkII models are advanced flatbed UV-curable inkjet printers that create high-value-added product, achieve superior productivity and print quality, and have a greater ability to accommodate a wide range of application.    


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