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Since 1970, Australia’s imaging professionals have looked to Kayell for innovative Photographic and Graphic Arts solutions, training and advice. We have helped many imaging businesses and individuals chart their course from film and photo-chemical methods through to all-digital workflows and printed output.

Kayell is unique in that we combine skills and products that involve the entire imaging process, from image capture to printed output and all steps in-between. This holistic view of the imaging process puts us in a position to help all involved in the imaging chain; Photographers, Educators, Designers, Prepress operators, Brand custodians, Advertising agencies, Print buyers and Printers. From the moment light enters a lens, until a vibrant, colour-managed print or proof is produced, Kayell Australia offers know-how, rental equipment, training and technologies to help our customers achieve the best possible results. Our two offices in Collingwood, Melbourne and Artarmon, Sydney are staffed by highly experienced professionals who care passionately about all aspects of imaging excellence. Digital imaging technologies have driven the professional Photographic and Graphic Arts worlds onto parallel tracks, with many cross-overs. Kayell has distribution agreements, some exclusively, with world-leading firms such as GMG Color, GTI Graphiclite, Eizo monitors, Serendipity, Pressview, Barbieri, Datacolor, Elinchrom, Drobo, Canson and Lastolite. We are also major reseller partners for Epson, Techkon, Apple, X-Rite, Adobe, Hasselblad, Canon, Nikon, Manfrotto and Sandisk. We run regular onsite and group training programmes with particular focus on colour management and workflows.


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