Printing Industries Victoria has recently received comments of concern from members on the practical ramifications of the forthcoming Victorian Print Tender due to take effect in late July 2007.

Some members have been told by Government departments that they will lose work as the departments have been instructed to use the Stream Solutions management process. This effectively means that relationships previously established between printers and various government departments could become redundant.

In an effort to clarify the situation, Printing Industries has asked Stream Solutions to meet and explain to members how the system will work. Stream has agreed to the request and will present to members at a date to be advised.

To ensure all issues are aired the meeting, Printing Industries is asking its members to provide full details of what they have been told and understand the situation to be.

Printing Industries General Manager Victoria and Tasmania, Ron Patterson, said that both the government and Stream agreed to the process being transparent and fair to Victorian printers.

"This is something that they have both indicated support for and must now bring into play. It is imperative that the process is correct," he said.

"While it is early days in developing the process, the fact is business life continues and everyone is accountable for their actions including the Victorian Government and its agencies."

Companies with concerns about what they have been told should contact either Ron Patterson or Lisa Scott with their information. All information will be treated in confidentially unless otherwise advised.

Printing Industries Association of Australia

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