Chief Media have announced their appointment as exclusive distributors for the Imagiam Lenticular Software product.

The software enables the production of 3D images using wide format printing devices and is ideal for almost any Point of Sale application, 3D backlit outdoor billboards, invitations, business cards, post-cards finished in 3D, Flip or Morph. The software also offers calibration tools. 

The software works on the basis that when an observer moves in front of some objects placed at different distances, the closer objects seem to move faster than those placed far away. This can be seen while driving a car for example. The houses nearby move fast while the mountains on the background stand still. 

 3dframe5.gif  3dframe3.gif 3dframe4.gif 

Closer objects seem to move faster.

Lenticular Effects takes advantage of this perspective effect to simulate the 3D effect. With a Photoshop PSD file provided, with layers representing different depths, the program generates an animation by moving the layers at different speeds according to their depth order. The output animation is made of views of the original scene from different viewing angles.

Chief Media will launch their total lenticular/3D print solution at Visual Impact/Image Expo to be held at Darling Harbour, Sydney 18 to 21 July, 2007.

Chief Media Pty Ltd


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