The US based SGIA has revealed the results of one of its latest surveys on how graphics producers and garment decorators are generating new clients.

Both groups reported referrals as their biggest lead generators. However, they parted ways when it came to using print brokers: Fewer than one of every four garment decorators (22.1 percent) say they use print brokers' services, but graphics producers were more evenly split, with slightly less than half (47.8 percent) saying they do.

Second only to referrals, companies say online strategies: 92.5 percent of graphics producers and 87.8 percent of garment decorators have company Web sites. Search engines and e-mail campaigns also rank high among specialty imaging's online marketers.

More than a third of graphic imagers (40.7%) are selling internationally in 2007, but garment decorators aren't penetrating the international market as heavily - just 24 percent say they are selling internationally this year.

"This year's survey gives us a basis for comparison," says Marci Kinter, SGIA Vice President, Government Affairs & Business Information. "In 2008, we'll be able to see how imagers' marketing and business strategies are changing, and we'll be able to note any potential trends."

SGIAA (Australia)

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