3M have announced the expansion of its innovative Fasara Interior Design window films to include several new designs. These new patterns are composed of various renditions of decorative stripes and dots that give designers distinctive and versatile options for interior glass panels such as hand rails on stairways, glass walls, office spaces and partitions.

3M say that the Fasara Interior Design films are made of thin, durable polyester with a decorative matte surface and are the perfect solution for decorative, privacy, and architectural applications. For example, one of the newest patterns, 3M’s Illumina film, offers an exotic look that offers privacy, yet still allows light to pass through into the room or hallway.

3M Fasara Films are well suited for interior glass panels, for a fraction of the cost of etched glass design and installations. In some cases, owners renovate buildings or rooms when tenants move, sometimes resulting in costly design engineering changes. 3M Fasara Films can be removed from glass panels, and new patterns applied, creating a whole new image and look to the existing building or room to suit the tenant’s business or needs.

The current 3M Fasara Films include: Lausanne, Milano, Oslo, Sagano, San Marino and Yamato.

The expanded line of designs are available through the 3M network of dealers and distributors.

3M Australia

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