In the last issue it was claimed that the KFC sign in the US was the first to be visible from space. According to a UK web site, KFC were not the first, in fact a local sign was the first. Thanks to Shane Drew who pointed this out to us. He pointed us to:

This was the story we ran previously:

KFC allegedly became the world’s first brand visible from outer space on 14 November 2006. Measuring a record-breaking 26 670 square meters, KFC unveiled the new face for Colonel Sanders and marked the official debut of a massive global re-image campaign that will update 14 000-plus restaurants in over 80 countries over the next five years.  

The cosmic Colonel Sanders logo was built in Rachel, Nevada, dubbed the “UFO Capital of the World,” on The World’s Only Extraterrestrial Highway. Area 51 is considered top-secret and the epicenter of inter-galactic communication.


The massive logo, which is referred to as the “Face from Space” by the project team, is so large it that would take 265 Statues of Liberty to fill it. It took a team of nearly 50 designers, engineers, scientists (including astrophysicists), architects and other professionals working nearly three months to conceive, create and execute building what is reputed to be the world’s largest logo.

The “Face from Space” took more than 3000 hours to create from inception to launch and was built by Synergy, a leading event company.

The logo consists of 65 000, one-foot by one-foot painted tile pieces that were assembled like a giant jigsaw puzzle: 6000 red, 14 000 white, 12 000 eggshell, 5000 beige and 28 000 black.

The logo took 24 days, working around-the-clock, to manufacture and ultimately produce. It then took six days on site to construct the logo, during which time the logo design pieces were kept hidden and under cover from identified and unidentified flying objects. Area 51’s secretive nature and link to classified aircraft research and reports of unusual phenomena, have led it to become the centerpiece of modern UFO and conspiracy theory.

Due to the unprecedented nature of the project, the team endured numerous twists and turns along the way including a freak torrential downpour that rendered the original site inaccessible. The first location was in the flatlands of Utah near the home of the very first KFC restaurant. A state-of-the-art GEO satellite captured the image of the logo as it circled the earth at an altitude of 300 miles.

This is only the third time in more than 50 years that the logo has changed. The new design is intended to be refreshing, contemporary, highly-differentiated and help keep KFC relevant with customers by giving them a higher quality overall dining experience. The new design is based on thoughtful strategic tenets which provide a strong brand image foundation, while being flexible for different international market needs. It aims to communicate a progressive and energetic spirit for KFC and prepares the brand for future global growth.
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