Thursday, the 4th February was an important date for Styleprint in Melbourne as it was the launch date of their new Agfa M-Press Tiger, the first in Australia and the first outside Europe.

Tom Cloots, Director Business line :M-Press at Agfa Graphics was in Australia for the wetting of the new machine.

m-press_tiger_3Terry Woodhouse and his wife launched Styleprint 26 years ago and the company is today one of the country's leading screen print houses. The launch of the Agfa M-Press Tiger will not only help to ensure a regular supply of invitations to tender on the country's major screen print business but also to win those tenders.

Readers of Wide Format Online will be familiar with the Agfa M-Press Tiger as we have followed the progress of this major printing press through its developmental stages.

In a nutshell, the machine is a collaborative effort combining Agfa's expertise in digital imaging and inkjet technology and Thieme's design and manufacturing expertise in screen printing equipment.

Of course the major advantage of this press to any owner is the awesome productivity. The machine has a rated output of 770 square metres per hour, making it the fastest digital screen printer in the world.

It can handle substrate up to 10mm thick amd take a sheet size of 2600 x 1600mm and print at 720dpi.

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