Ed Phelan had a plan in mind to grow his business. He began with a detailed due diligence process to establish what was appropriate for the needs of the business, followed by an extensive research into the latest in digital printing equipment. He found that one particular brand of printing equipment could set his company, CV Signage Solutions, on the growth course he wanted.

Ed Phelan is managing director of CV Signage Solutions, located in Banyo, a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland. The company provides total signage solutions to mid tier, multi-site retailers such as Freedom Furniture, Super Cheap Auto, Europecar and many others, and is among the top 5 signage manufacturers in the region.

Inca Spyder 320

The majority of the company’s output is designed and manufactured within its  facilities, however one outsourced side of the business had reached considerable volume. Phelan realised there were economic benefits for his company and his clients to produce that business in-house.

But first they had to find just the right printing equipment that could deliver the results the company demanded.

“We assessed what was in the market and looked at four or five large format print options,” explained Phelan. “We found that the Fujifilm Sericol Inca Spyder 320 flatbed digital printer had the capacity to deliver the volume and quality we want.”

The Inca Spyder is a relatively new entrant in the large format digital print arena but is quickly gaining recognition for its higher standard of design and engineering. The Spyder can print directly onto the widest range of flexible and rigid substrates, up to 30mm thick and 40kg in weight, and delivers the most precise registration in its class.
The Inca Spyder’s impressive credentials matched Phelan’s requirements.

“I first inspected the Spyder at a trade fair and that’s where I met (Fujifilm Sericol’s) Robert Wilson. Robert has been fantastic throughout and really helped us every step of the way. I inspected the machine further at Fujifilm Sericol headquarters in Sydney and basically made up my mind.”

The Inca Spyder has enabled CV Signage Solutions to provide clients with a faster turnaround for large format work and the business is enjoying the financial benefits.

“In only a short time we are already seeing the benefits of Spyder”, said Phelan. “The quality of service provided by Fujifilm Sericol during the installation process was excellent and we were very pleased in the way they worked with us. Their management of the installation and the training afterwards were above and beyond the call of duty.”

CV Signage Solutions needed a refit to house the new Inca Spyder – they were also installing another, independent piece of equipment at the same time – and there was potential for major disruption to business. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

“Matt and Liz from Fujifilm Sericol, who managed the installation process, helped us integrate the software with our other applications”, said Phelan. “Fujifilm Sericol is someone we would want to have an ongoing business relationship with. Their quality across the board is second to none.”

Phelan says the formula for driving CV Signage Solutions business growth is in great customer service, quality product and value for money. Fujifilm Sericol’s Inca Spyder is an important factor in all three drivers of that growth formula.

Fujifilm Sericol Australia

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