Starleaton's Melbourne branch to relocate from Abbottsford to new and bigger premises in Port Melbourne with Sydney to follow suit soon.

Although 2009 has been a tough year for many suppliers to the wide-format and graphics industry, Starleaton Digital Solutions has come through the financial crisis stronger than ever and is well-advanced in plans to double revenue,  its warehouse areas and offices in 2010.


 Ben Eaton, GM of Starleaton Digital Solutions

Driven by demand for dependable wide-format consumables supply, Starleaton’s Melbourne branch is already in the process of relocating from Abbottsford to new premises in Port Melbourne, expanding its warehouse facility there from 400 to 800 square metres. Next up will be the NSW head office, which only relocated 3 years ago but has outgrown its 1200 square metre warehouse in the Northern Beaches suburb of Brookvale.

“We are actively looking for a 2,500 square metre warehouse. “says General Manager Ben Eaton, “Our shelves are packed in like sardines and containers regularly sit in our car park. With many new lines added, we need more racking space to upgrade our all-important logistics handling. Starleaton is fanatical about carrying the right amount of stock so we can service our customers promptly. With our ‘Delivery Performance Guarantee’ promising same-day deliveries of wide-format consumables, we don’t want to let people down. We have grown during the hard times and I like to think we’ve helped our loyal customers to grow too.”

Under the simple two-word banner of ‘We Promise,’ Starleaton has strived for a reputation of reliability as a quality supplier ‘from start to finish.’ It seems to be working with both SDS-branded (and locally converted) inkjet media and laminate and the leading branded products they supply from HP, Epson, Canon, Kodak, Agfa, Neschen, Alcan, Seal, Fletcher and others.

And what is the secret of Starleaton’s rapid rise? “We are big and experienced enough to get it right, but small enough to care, “says Ben Eaton. “When we make a promise to do something, we keep it - it’s a passion that runs throughout the company, in all states where we operate. We are not doubling in size in 2010 for vanity’s sake – it’s because our customers have made it necessary. And that’s a privilege we do not take lightly.”

Starleaton Digital Solutions


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