GMG has announced the new version 4.6 of GMG ColorServer and GMG InkOptimizer.

GMG claim the new versions eliminate typical sources of error that can occur with conventional colour conversions.

Prepress companies and all kinds of print houses very often receive incorrect data from customers and need to harmonise the colour standard before printing.

"GMG ColorServer proceeds fully automatically every type of colour conversions, including spot colours, and guarantees high quality and accurate colours in different printing processes. We get the most diverse print data from our customers. Therefore, we need an efficient and absolutely reliable quality management in prepress in order to ensure a high-quality standard in printing," says Guido Hochstrate, responsible for colour management in prepress at Mohn media Mohndruck GmbH, a subsidiary of Arvato Print. "We process all necessary colour conversions with GMG ColorServer for standardising and normalising our print data. The quality of the results is impressive and saves significant amounts of time in our prepress department," says Hochstrate.

The correct processing of PDF files based on the Adobe PDF Library replaces all steps which had to be accomplished because of the manual checking and normalising of these data. Due to the fact that GMG ColorServer 4.6 is able to accurately convert transparencies within PDF data, companies save a lot of time that they previously had to invest in manual conversions via programs such as Acrobat Professional. Completely automated workflows result in much higher production reliability and productivity.

Depending on the printing method, it is possible for automatic ink reduction to achieve between 15-25% savings on ink and the whole printing process is stabilised because of less inking. "Since we have been able to print with less colour, our print production has become much easier and more reliable. There is no visual difference between data before and after ink optimisation. On the contrary, the print quality is much better than before. The grey balance keeps perfectly stable throughout printing," says Christoph Ellermann, media designer at the offset printer M & E Druckhaus, Germany.

Preconfigured hot folders for all leading printing standards shipped with GMG ColorServer and GMG InkOptimizer 4.6 allow for an error-free processing of colour conversions and ink reduction, guaranteeing highest quality in colour and print and increased production reliability.

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