Wide Format Online magazine has started a Gallery Channel.

The industry leading magazine, Wide Format Online magazine has started a Gallery Channel that will feature wide format prints from all sectors of our growing industry, including screen printed jobs.

This new channel will feature images preferably from our region but we may also include overseas images where applicable. Images could be award winners or just the plain unusual. When accepting entries into this new channel we will ask for high resolution images as well as a detailed description of the job, the target market and production details.

Should you wish to have your images featured in this new Channel, please send a sample image and details to brian@dezuma.com.au.

We have kicked off with an entry by Océ in the USA for an unusual print job called "Birds of a Feather".

You can visit the Wide Format Gallery in our Features section, or simply by clicking http://www.wideformatonline.com/index.php/Gallery/

Wide Format Online magazine

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