EFI and VUTEk today announced victory in its German patent litigation with Durst involving EFI's VUTEk QS series printers with white ink technology.

Durst brought the lawsuit in the Mannheim Regional Court on February 27, 2007, accusing EFI's VUTEk QS series printers of infringing Durst's utility model DE 20 2005 012 179 U1. From the outset, EFI has maintained that it employed the technology in its QS printers well before Durst obtained its utility model.

Under German law, a utility model is an intellectual property right to protect inventions, very similar to a U.S. patent.

The expert appointed by the Court agreed with EFI that Durst's utility model claims were not novel and lacked any inventive step. EFI argued that Durst's utility model claims were therefore invalid and that Durst's infringements claims were meritless. On Friday, the German Court announced its decision, entirely dismissing Durst's infringement claims against EFI. A written judgment detailing the dismissal is expected to be released soon.

"Along with our recent patent victory in the U.S. over Leggett & Platt earlier this month, the German court's decision reinforces EFI's position as the worldwide technology leader in superwide format printing and inks," said EFI's General Counsel Bryan Ko. "Our robust and growing of portfolio industry leading patents continue to drive the print industry's transformation from analog to digital color."

"EFI has been a leading innovator in the print industry since our founding. We are very pleased that the German courts have shined a light on Durst's false claims that it invented the technology first," added EFI's President Fred Rosenzweig. "We look forward to continuing to bring our innovative customer-focused printing solutions to our customers throughout the world."

The victory substantiates EFI's innovation and continued success in the super wide format printer market, not only in the United States, but abroad. As the worldwide leader in grand format UV printer placements, EFI will continue to deliver its innovative wide format UV printers and inks worldwide.

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