Avery claim their new MPI Dusted Glass Easy Apply RS is one of a kind for creating vivid graphics.

They say that MPI Dusted Glass Easy Apply RS is ideal for creating eye-catching designs via inkjet printing, computerised cutting or a combination of both and features a dusted effect that delivers vivid graphics for privacy, decorations, branding on glass or on other transparent surfaces.

avery_dusted_glass_easy_apply_rs_picture.jpg"As the newest addition to our digital inkjet portfolio, MPI Dusted Glass Easy Apply RS prints exceptionally across a range of wide format technologies and inks, producing outstanding prints on eco-solvent, solvent & UV curable inkjet printers," said Prayna Prasad, Marketing Coordinator, Avery Graphics Australia and New Zealand.

“The printability of this film is brilliant. The colours are rich and sharp and the film produces stunning graphics making it ideal for both internal and external facades. We are excited to launch such an impressive product. With the ability to furnish windows and clear surfaces with personality and character, MPI Dusted Glass Easy Apply RS is sure to create an even greater demand in the market for window graphics”, she said.

"Application is also a breeze with Avery Easy Apply RS adhesive technology. The air egress channels ensures a fast, bubble and wrinkle free application while the RS technology allows the film to stand off the surface until pressure is applied making it ideal for exact positioning.  Dry application is another bonus, offering all the benefits of a wet application without the need for water and long drying times – eliminating mess and removing OHS risks associated with wet applications.

"Understanding the problems of colour management we have specifically designed MPI Dusted Glass Easy Apply RS with a white liner helping to make the colour inspection process precise and accurate. And together with an excellent indoor durability and good outdoor durability this film offers distinct advantages over competitor products." she concluded.

MPI Dusted Glass Easy Apply RS is available in rolls 1.37 metre wide.

Avery Graphics

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