HP has redesigned its Graphic Arts Portal and launched the HP You Tube Graphic Arts Channel (www.youtube.com/hpgraphicarts).

The You Tube channel features interviews with leading edge designers, architects and Print Service Providers (PSPs) from around the globe. And the newly designed Graphic Arts Portal is even more user friendly with simplified navigation and enhanced access to tools and resources for PSPs.
Shane Lucas Director HP Graphic Arts South Pacific said the redesign of the portal and the introduction of the You Tube channel were exciting developments for local PSPs as well as graphic designers, photographers and architects.
“The new site features testimonials from PSPs and design and photography professionals from around the world providing local businesses with a great opportunity to tap into trends and solutions that are happening in their region and further afield.”
“The HP Graphic Arts You Tube Channel is an innovation that I believe will help to inspire our customers. Already the comments on the Channel are very positive. The videos feature leading practitioners in their fields as well as product demonstrations. We are getting some great feedback about how beneficial it is to be able to hear from experts and to see operational equipment.”
HP has invested significant time and funds in redeveloping the Graphic Arts Portal and in creating the You Tube Channel. “We are committed to providing the graphic arts industry with not only the best products, but the best solutions to drive the industry forward.  Access to the latest information, product offers and testimonials is part of that commitment, ” concluded Lucas.
Visit the HP Graphic Arts Portal at www.hp.com.au/graphicarts

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