's recent facelift went deeper than a fresh colour and new eye-popping graphics on the home page: The Web site has been reorganised to showcase its role as the premiere US news authority for the specialty imaging community.

"Because there is an amazing amount of information and member resources available on, the Association wanted to be sure important features and industry news are easily accessible on the home page, and throughout the site," said SGIA President/CEO Michael Robertson.

The new home page prominently features various information resources -- Trends & Insights, Industry Insight and Countering Commoditization to name a few -- that present the latest headlines and market trends important to the entire specialty imaging community.  

The site also features customised pages for various segments of the imaging community, such as Garment Decorators and Graphic Imagers, plus a new community page -- Industrial Imagers -- that addresses the needs of industrial and in-plant printers.

The community pages' online tools and resources are designed for efficient and cost effective imaging operations, while helping imagers map a successful growth strategy.

Australian printers can gain access to the full SGIA resources via membership of the local SGIAA, which is an affiliate of the US SGIA.


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