Mimaki Japan has announced the UJF-706, a new higher speed UV printer, the latest generation of the UJF series.

In 2004 Mimaki introduced their first UV curing inkjet printer, UJF-605C, that already featured white ink (under and overprint) to enable printing of bright colourful images on all materials including transparent substrates. Later in 2006, the company introduced its successor, UJF-605CII, that already doubled the print speed and is renowned for its high quality prints on all kinds of coated and non-coated materials. This printer was well accepted in the industry and is widely used for short run production and variable data jobs on demand.

Mimaki has now introduced the UJF-706 to improve productivity significantly while at the same time enhancing image quality even further.

The maximum print size of the machine has been enlarged to 700 x 600 mm (UJF-605CII: 600 x 500 mm). UJF-706 also caters to three times thicker materials thus enabling printing on all kinds of material up to a maximum height of 150 mm. The machine is equipped with an automatic optical positioning recognition system for centering of prints on small objects for imprinting as well as variable data printing. Two different ink types – hard and flexible – are available, whose use is determined by the customers’ applications. This caters to the needs of printers to broaden their portfolio of on demand offers for industrial printing applications. In addition, UV curing hard gloss ink is available enabling smooth finishes and furthering the machine’s value propositions.

UJF-706 decisively advances and enhances digital on demand production of items with the same or variable data printing.

Main features
1. UJF-706 offers twice the speed of previous models when printing full colour and simultaneous white.           
2. Printing on non-coated materials of up to a maximum size of 700 x 600 mm and a thickness of 150 mm.
3. Vivid images even on transparent and coloured materials due to white ink usage.
4. Already renowned ink and print quality of hard and flexible UV curing inks that are widely accepted in the industry.
5. Glossy finishes enhance print service providers’ value propositions and enable extraordinary results (only hard UV ink).
6. Automatic four point optical positioning recognition system for centering prints on small objects.
7. Equipped with Mimaki’s new Spray Suppressor system that prevents satellite ink drops to contaminate sensitive machine parts thus enhancing consistency.
8. Optional roll media handling and printing.

We are awaiting confirmation that this new model will be made available in our region.

Mimaki Japan

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