Trevision, with its head office in Vienna Austria and other production plants in Germany and Poland, has recently installed a Rho 500R.

This additional to its other three Durst machines. These include two Rho 320Rs, one in Berlin, and a Rho 700 flatbed, all of which have been purchased in a little over 12 months.

Mr Jürgen Marzi, Trevision’s Group Sales Manager, said: “Over the last few years the company has been moving more towards indoor retail displays as opposed to outdoor advertising and other forms of large format graphics.


For retail work it is vital that you have the highest quality of print and the Durst machines are able to supply that with the level of productivity that now makes digital printing a cost effective process. Prior to these new generation inkjet machines, the combination of productivity and quality was only achievable by other processes such as offset and screen printing. Now customers’ needs for smaller volumes and personalisation can be satisfied without loss of quality.”  

Trevision was founded in the early 1990s by Heinz Wikturna and his son Martin and now has 150 members of staff. “We look for a level of growth each year but not too fast,” said Marzi. “We must have processes in place first so as not to disrupt the service to our customers.” The Rho 500R is housed in the company’s purpose built head office in Vienna, along with the Rho 700 and one of the Rho 320Rs. “Vienna is a very useful location for us, quite apart from being able to service our customers in Austria and Germany it is close to our customers in the growing markets of Hungry, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our Poland plant is also an important and growing part of our business.”

“We are a service orientated company and are always looking for new solutions to our customers’ requirements. We like to build long term relationships where printing is only part of the overall process and are often involved in the complete programme from developing the solution, printing and finishing to handling the logistics and final installation. We also develop various systems with different partners such as light boxes and, in one case, a complete frame system around a client’s building which supports a vinyl covering and giant lightbox. Another example is the work we do for a global brand worldwide, where we have developed a module for interior design that can be used in all their retail outlets. We could not produce this job without the Rho printer coupled to our digital cutting table.”      
“No other 5 metre UV printer offers the same quality of print,” replied Jürgen Marzi when asked why the company chose the Rho 500R. “We are also very committed to environmental issues and Durst Rho ink is the only UV ink with no VOCs and has been awarded the Nordic Swan environmental standard. Our customers are asking more and more for an environmentally friendly alternative for their print requirements and we are also working with our media partners to find cost efficient green media. At present there tends to be a cost disadvantage for environmentally friendly media but I am sure that will change in the future.”

“We were also looking for a company that we felt happy to work with. Durst is a family business like ours, and has many of the same philosophies. They want to become business partners with their customers, as we do, and over the last year we have been extremely pleased with the service support we have received from Durst. Apart from their performance, that is one of the major reasons we have bought four Durst printers in the last year. We knew we wanted the Rho 500R as soon as we saw it in operation and placed a firm order at this year’s FESPA in Amsterdam. It has been installed for two months and we are extremely pleased with its performance both in terms of quality and productivity. Durst machines deliver what they say they will and we will probably be looking to invest in more in the not too distant future.”

“As I have already mentioned before, printing is only part of the process but quality is essential. We are always looking for better and more cost effective solutions for our customers and we have been developing internet based ordering systems. We would not be able to produce what we do for the global brand mentioned above without it. Managers of each retail store are able to view the design of their store on the web and then order all the necessary components. The web is going to continue to be more important in the future where more and more of what we produce will be available to be ordered through the internet. We believe web to print is only a small part of what the future holds.”

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