GMG say their SmartProfiler is the ideal tool for people without any colour management knowledge.

GMG have stated that the SmartProfiler is a wizard which allows users to create high quality ColorServer profiles even without profound knowledge of colour management.

"We have been using GMG's ColorServer for our wide format industrial printing applications for a while. The color results are great and we achieve excellent matches between different machines and media. However, the process requires good colour skill and knowledge. GMG's new SmartProfiler makes the process much easier and faster, allowing us to support our entire production process. GMG listened to our needs and has provided a great upgrade to an already excellent product," says Bob Boileau, General Manager of Screen Print Dow, Wilmington, USA.

The combination of GMG SmartProfiler and GMG ColorSever opens new opportunities for digital and wide format printers to enhance the colour quality and colour consistency to a totally new level. Therefore the GMG products secure the high investments in digital and wide format printers. The higher print quality increases the customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Users, especially in the rapidly growing digital and large-format printing sectors, increasingly expect high colour accuracy, repeatability and colours that match those of print media produced by classic printing processes, such as offset or gravure printing.

With centrally controlled colour management, using GMG SmartProfiler and GMG ColorServer, companies can greatly increase productivity, production reliability and in particular the colour quality of their products. Due to the identical quality of the printed output, flexibility in hybrid production environments is enhanced, because the output system to be used for printing can be selected at the last minute.

"X-Rite and GMG have shared a mutual commitment to accurate and consistent colour reproduction in pre-press, digital and large format workflows for years. X-Rite's i1 solutions have long been the de-facto standard across the industry when it comes to consistent, high-quality colour management, offering extremely fast and highly accurate measurement, precise patch recognition and unmatched versatility. When combined with GMG's profiling tools, X-Rite's i1 solutions offer customers unprecedented levels of productivity, reliability and flexibility, and we are delighted to further expand our long term and fruitful partnership, with our instruments' seamless support for GMG's new SmartProfiler solution," comments Sonia Megert, X-Rite's Vice President of Inbound Marketing.

The high degree of automation in GMG's colour management will help to cut costs, while increasing productivity and achieving consistent colours.

"Our customers use a lot of different substrates on the Mimaki inkjet devices. The GMG SmartProfiler in combination with GMG ColorServer enables them to quickly create individual device-link profiles for the different materials in the well-known high GMG quality. This opens up totally new applications for our customers and Mimaki", says Yuji Ikeda, manager product marketing Mimaki Europe B.V.  


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