The Inktec Jetrix 2513FRQ was launched at the VIIE show last week and according to Dave West of Anitech was very well received.

"With all the quality of Korean engineering and the support of international mother company, InkTec, we expect the demand for the Jetrix printers to increase as Australian and New Zealand printers and sign companies realise the potential ROI on these very well priced machines." said Dave West of Anitech. 


 The Jetrix at the VIIE show last week drew large crowds.

"The machines will surely win prizes for their industrial design but it is the engineering quality and performance that will make these flatbed hybrids really come into their own." said Dave.

"The Jetrix 2513FRQ is a 1800 mm width (RtR) (flatbed size is 2440 x 1220mm). The machine uses the latest head technology from Dimatix and can place the dots up to 3 levels. Visitors to the VIIE show last week couldn't believe that we could produce 2 point text.

"The machine solves the very common UV problem of ink adhesion by applying a primer immediately before the inks are applied. We can actually offer a longevity guarantee as a result of this attribute. It was also amusing to see the visitors at last week's show trying to erase the print - they couldn't."

"In addition the printer can reach production speeds of up to 30 square metres per hour which makes it one of the fastest on the market in its bracket." said Dave.


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