HumanEyes has claimed a major breakthrough in 3D printing.

HumanEyes producers, they say, can provide marketers, agencies and brand owners with commercial-quality 3D from any high resolution inkjet printer, digital press, photographic printer or offset press, without the need for expensive lenticular lenses.

The key to this milestone is HumanEyes' LensFree Lightbox, which provides a patented automatic registration system with a patented lenticular ‘screen’ integrated into any lightbox. Existing lightboxes can be custom retrofitted to accommodate the 3D files printed on backlit film. The result is a turnkey lightbox system that gives marketers and outdoor media owners the ability to interchange conventionally output graphics in a 3D-enabled lightbox.

Lenticular lenses are not the only cost eliminated by the LensFree Lightbox. According to Jeff Miller, Director of Sales for HumanEyes in North America, the LensFree automatic registration system reduces production time. Also, the need for precise pitch testing is eliminated and the learning curve for new 3D producers is shortened.
‘With the LensFree Lightbox system, HumanEyes provides your production team with a brief training webinar, and you only pay for the 3D LensFree capability once. This breakthrough allows high-end 3D marketing possible for the broader marketplace,’ says Miller.
The W Hotel, McDonalds, and Coca Cola are just some of the major brands that have used HumanEyes technology for major campaigns around the world. The new LensFree Lightbox technology makes it possible for any brand to utilize 3D marketing, given the significant price savings afforded by the LensFree Lightbox system.
Simplified Process
In just a few steps using HumanEyes technology, the user creates a 3D image, interlaces the file, prints it to backlit film and inserts the graphic into the LensFree Lightbox. It is that easy!
Designed for photographers, HumanEyes Capture 3D allows photographers to capture any scene in 360 degrees and simply turns the sequence into a natural photographic 3D image using guided optimisation of 3D scenes, automatic parallax control, automatic convergence point control and quick proofing functions.
HumanEyes Creative3D is a complete solution that easily converts 2D projects into 3D for simple reproduction and is customisable to incorporate 3D, flip, zoom, motion, morph and more. Creative3D gives designers the ability to independently create their own lenticular projects and have full control over the design to pass the job on for easy output by the printer.
An end-to-end solution, HumanEyes Producer3D covers the entire workflow of lenticular image production from lenticular content creation to interlace and pre-press. HumanEyes Producer3D simplifies the process to create and print lenticular printed projects with special effects: 3D, Flip, Zoom and Motion.
Human Eyes 

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