In the US, Chin•E Technologies used the recent ISA 2009 show to launch the X-Press Print-&-Cut System comprising the X-Press Hybrid Printer and the X-Press CNC router for US$100000.00.

Not available in our region yet, Chin•E Technologies (CET) has made it possible for small-to-medium sign and digital service bureaux in the USA to purchase a Print & Cut System" consisting of a true 1.8m flatbed printer, the X-Press F512, the X-Press CNC router and proprietary software that can produce high quality digitally printed and die-cut graphics on a wide variety of media. Cost - US$100,000.00

Dave Cich, vice president of CET said that, "Other suppliers of printing and cutting equipment cannot match the productivity, quality and price of the CET $100,000 Print & Cut System,"

Cich also stated that no other printer at this price range can boast of production print speeds of up to 850 sqft/hr and a 1440 x 1440-dpi print resolution.

The true UV- flatbed printer can be configured with 6 to 16 Konica 512M print heads utilising a 14-picoliter drop size, and with either a 4x8-foot, 5x10-foot, or 6x10-foot table.

The X-Press Printers can produce graphics with very fine detail and text down to 4 pt. The Konica print heads together with specially formulated UV-curable inks give the printers an ultra-wide colour gamut, quick curing and good adhesion to foam board, styrene, corrugated plastics, PVC board, fabrics, vinyl banner, as well as a vast selection of other materials. Popular white ink, spot colours, and a UV varnish are available as options. Although the X-Press Printer and Router are designed as a system, buyers can order separately or mix-and-match according to application needs.

The X-Press F512R, a UV Hybrid Printer, can be ordered in a 72-inch or 120-inch version. The 72-inch X-Press can print rigid and roll media up to 72-inch wide by any length, and up to one inch thick. It utilizes the same Konica 512M printhead and inks as the X-Press flatbed, and it can be ordered with four, five, or six heads. The 120-inch X-Press can be ordered with four, six, or eight printheads. The output quality is up to 1440 x 1440 dpi, at speeds up to 680 sqft an hour. The environmentally friendly UV inks contain no VOC's.

Chin•E Technologies

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