EstiMate's new Flatbed Digital Print Pricing Plugin calculates material waste when pricing jobs.

EstiMate Software has just released a brand-new pricing plug-in for flatbed digital printing. This new plug-in addresses the complicated issues involved with flatbed print pricing such as material waste calculations and the speed differential between different printers.

"This plug-in has been a long time in the making," says Mark Smith, company president. "Our users have been asking for a complement to our wide format digital print pricing plug-in that takes into account the specific differences between flatbed printing and wide format printing. We believe with this plug-in we've managed to hit it out of the park."

”By using 'best fit' nesting logic, this new plug-in figures out the best strategy for nesting prints onto a substrate and accurately calculates the material waste involved.

As in all of EstiMate's plug-ins, the Flatbed Digital Print Pricing Plug-In takes into account all the specifics of the job, such as the printer, print mode, ink, surface preparation, RIP time, cutting, and laminating.

This new plug-in will even allow the user to adjust how they charge for scrap, and charge differently for waste material than for materials actually printed and used in the job.

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