GASAA, The Graphic Arts Services Association of Australia has launched a Business Advisory Service and a series of Sales Workshops.

The service include comprehensive business reviews and performance ratios analysis right through to detailed business plans. The launch coincides with Enterprise Connect, the Federal Government’s $200 million initiative designed to boost productivity, improve innovation and increase the competitiveness of Australian small to medium enterprises.

Garry Knespal, Executive Director of GASAA said “Through GASAA’s fixed fee low cost approach we are making these important business services available to many small businesses who otherwise would not use them. Formalising your performance reviews and plans for your business will ensure many of the strategic and important details for the sustained future of your business are developed thoroughly and shared amongst your key staff.”

GASAA has also a prgram of Sale Workshops designed to help businesses overcome barriers to effective and profitable sales and win new business.

Peter Barnet of the Gusto Group will present the courses and equip participants with a ‘where‐when‐how’ plan to create a systematic process for attaining new clients for their business. Adding value for clients will be a focal point of the course with solutions selling, creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) and Unique Selling Propositions (USP)s all a feature.

Places in the courses are limited, and will run in Sydney and Melbourne in late October and November.

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