At the Viscom Germany exhibition, 1-3 October, Mutoh Europe presented four new products which will become available during the last quarter of 2009.

A new high-performance Mutoh sign cutting plotter family called Kona was shown for the first time, a new series of direct-to-fabric printers called Viper TX Extreme, a calender system called UniFixer 65 and last but not least a new series of soft signage printers with integrated drying and fixation, called Viper TX Soft Sign. 


 Kona Cutting Plotters


 Viper TX Extreme Printers


 UniFixer 65


 Viper TX Soft Sign

Kona Cutting Plotters
Kona is a high-performance cutting plotter series designed for professional sign cutting applications.
Enabling the finest cutting quality with excellent tracking, the Kona cutting plotters will be available in three models : Kona 760 (maximum media width of 1000 mm), Kona 1400 (maximum media width of 1640 mm) and Kona 1650, offering a maximum media width of 1890 mm.
Mutoh’s new Kona cutters are equipped with several new features promoting extra user comfort, such as a full-colour 3.5” LCD touch screen, a newly designed automatic sheet-off mechanism, as well as a “dual” roll support system.  Media support rollers allow handling of regular vinyl.  A second optional roll-off system is available for contactless handling of pre-printed rolls.  This will avoid damage to freshly printed rolls.
Viper TX Extreme Printers
For users wanting to print directly onto a wide selection of fabrics such as polyester, cotton, silk, …   Mutoh Europe presents the VIPER TX Extreme available in 65” (1651 mm) and 88” (2240 mm) widths. The Viper TX Extreme offers typical production speeds up to 37 m²/h.
Utilising VOC free water based direct disperse inks, Viper TX Extreme printers will print on polyester-based fabrics with open and closed structure and are suited for low-cost high-quality sample creation (one-offs) and small production volumes.
UniFixer 65
The Mutoh UniFixer 65 is an affordable calender system for heat transfer & thermofixation.  The calender is compatible with Mutoh’s entire range of dye sublimation and direct textile printers.  With a working width of 1700 mm, UniFixer 65 will heat transfer dye sublimation prints from paper to fabric, or heat fix pre-printed fabrics.
Integrating a fast response quartz infra red bulb, the system ensures accurate & uniform colour transfer both in the length and across the width.  The calender will handle prints made with both water based dye sublimation inks as well as prints made with water based direct disperse dye inks.
The Mutoh UniFixer 65 is intended for short run and larger run production of indoor and outdoor banners & flags, sportswear, promotional apparel, decorative fabrics, etc .
Viper TX Soft Sign
For volume producers of soft sign prints, Mutoh will show the Viper TX Soft Sign printers, enabling direct printing onto soft sign polyester fabrics with open and closed structure.
Available in 64” (163 cm) and 88” (222 cm) widths, the Viper TX Soft Sign piezo inkjet printers are fit for a wide variety of applications : heavy duty flags, banners, architectural graphics, sport arena displays, wall murals, home furnishings, curtains and much more.
Offering a solid industrial design, the Viper TX Soft Sign printers enable a paperless workflow.  The machines are equipped with an infrared dryer and fan bank as well as a fixation unit.
Including a heavy-duty media unwinding/winding system with front and back fabric stabilization belt for media rolls up to 150 kg, the Viper TX Soft Sign printers offer typical production speeds up to 37 m²/h.  The printers use environmentally friendly VOC free water based direct disperse inks.

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